Company News

Friday, July 13, 2012

St. Marys Box Co. brings new website online

St. Marys Box Company is launching their new website which will bring more focus on their new products the LIFT™ Corrugated Pallet and SMBCrating System that they have developed over the past years. Along with the new site comes many major enhancements that will better service our customers.

January 15, 2010

PennyPincher Pallet rebranded as LIFT™Pallet, "Lightweight, Innovative, Freight, Technology"

St. Marys Box Company has rebranded their innovative PennyPincher Pallet® as the LIFT™ Pallet to reflect the beneficial properties of the pallet. Originally launched in 2003, the pallet was the result of the ongoing commitment by St. Marys Box to be the forerunner in advanced corrugated design. The pallet's core benefits contributed to the renaming, as the main attributes of the LIFT™ pallet are its lightweight and innovative design.

February 12, 2008

Innovative Design by St. Marys Box Company Receives Trademark

St. Marys Box Company proudly announces receiving a trademark for their WRL®(Wood Replacement Log). Manufactured from 100% corrugated, the inventive design consists of cylinders of wrapped corrugated paper with a number of attractive features. The WRL® is strong yet lightweight, absorbs vibrations, is 100% recyclable, non-petroleum based and exempt from many export regulations pertaining to wood packing material. Designed as an integral part of the company's PennyPincher Pallet™, the WRL® also has proven value on its own as a key component in internal packaging. Additionally, the WRL® can be customized to the application affording greater flexibility to the purchaser.

December 11, 2003

St. Marys Box Company Develops Lightweight Pallets

The St. Marys Box Company has developed a corrugated pallet. This pallet - dubbed the PennyPincher Pallet™ - is a strong, durable, economical, lightweight and recyclable custom corrugated pallet designed to make shipping your product economical and handling easy.