Profit Center

Add profits directly to your bottom line.

Recover recyclable dollars based on market price.
Your sales force gains an additional sales tool from the fact that, an 18 lb. pallet with usage of 100,000 per year will yield approximately 900 tons of fiber. At a market price of $175 per ton this translates to a recovery of $157,500 from DLK recycled linerboard for your customer.

Less weight lowers freight costs.
Using a pallet that weighs only 8 lbs will allow you to include 1,800 lbs. of additional product to each truckload.

Nested design reduces floor space.
Increase available floor space by 50% by nesting the pallets being stored until they are put in to use.

No damage to auto palletizing equipment.
The absence of nails and broken boards results in increased efficiency and decreased damage on expensive auto palletizing equipment.

Cushioning effect reduces damages.
The shock absorbing effect of corrugated paper softens the bumps and blows of travel making sure more of your product arrives intact.

Reduce packaging waste.
The compression strength of the wrapped deck results in less stress on the product, which means less packaging is required.

Reduce workers compensation claims.
Back injuries are a major source of worker compensation claims. Our pallet at 12.5 lbs. versus another pallet at 45 lbs. reduces the chances for injury and resulting workers compensation claims.

Eliminate specialized equipment.
Our pallet is easily adapted to existing in house machinery so there is no need to purchase specialized equipment.

Affordable, custom sizes.
Custom pallet sizes cost less, not more.

Easily adapted in-house.
Modifications to length dimension can be made on-site using a band saw or razor knife.